boy_rebel's Journal

Character in a rpg not the real Jason Behr.

Birthdate: 30th of December

Jason is 19 years old in the game. He has a rough past. After his parents got a divorce, he joined a gang. He did small crimes with them. They painted shop windows and walls, they raged and scared younger kids. Jason had his first sexual experiences with an older guy who started to lead the gang. When the crimes began to get more serious Jason wanted out and the cops caught them. The gang leader got away. Jason only got a warning and a mark on his record.
Now he's developing a new relationship with his mother. He hasn't met his dad after he went married again. Jason has an older brother, who's married and has a life of his own. He has a younger sister from his father's second marriage, but he's never met her.
Jason plays guitar a little. He loves to read and is glad that the Camp has an excellent library. He's also interested about arts.